Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nervousness and Man Grunting

First: Please pray for me. I'm taking two single subject tests tomorrow. They're not in my field of study and are beasts. Studying has reminded me just how vast the subject is and how little I know. I have chewed my fingernails to nubs. Also pray I wake up on time pleeeeeaaaaase. My track record is not so good.

On a lighter note I recently finished changing out 5 electrical sockets.

Insert ToolTime man grunt here. It's a skill I'm proud to have, right up there with driving a manual car.
Also I know this kid who creates his own origami. This one is from Harry Potter.

Mad skills right?
Also, check out the latest addition to my Lego collection. It's the classic Lego watch on the left. Jay got me the one on the right and I LOVE it!

I'm trying to grow my possible color combinations! All the pieces can separate and be rearranged. Right up my alley. Black and yellow will go nicely with my new batman shirt!!
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The Isaacs said...

OOOOOH! I will be thinking about you during tomorrow's tests- good luck!!!