Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turned Heads

I got to se my Luke for just over 4 days!! He flew to Fresno. I went to pick him up. He said he was wearing blue pants. He didn't tell me they were baby blue linen pants. I know the guy is fashion conscious and trendy and all that jazz but as someone who got a LOT of grief for my purple corduroy pants, I have room to judge just a wee bit.
Anyway it had been a ROUGH week. The stress had led me to bite my fingernails to nubs.

So Luke and I stopped by JoAnnes for therapy (ok really I needed silver pins for a bulletin board display that would be REALLY cool.) They happened to have GirlScouts waiting to prey on unsuspecting women at JoAnns for therapy and poor Luke. He got suckered into buying me 2 boxes.

See how blue those pants are?
Also we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. My straw wrapper turned into table soccer. I lost.

Friday I changed up the Lego watch in honor of St Patrick's day. See the band I wore with my Batman shirt just to the right?

Saturday we celebrated Luke's birthday at my Dad and Cheri's. We had a DELICIOUS meal. They even had a cake with candles and presents.

I'm a slacker.
Only sort of though because when we got home there was MORE food. At this point we were a wee bit stuffed. But it smelled so good! We ha corned beef, cabbage farmers market potatoes, onion, and whole baby carrots, and soda bread (admittedly not made from scratch but kindly procured by Tanya!)

Sooooo good!

For dessert? Butter babies and green cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest.

And a neck range of motion contest. Is he really beating me? I like our judges reflections in the window!

Also, for Luke's birthday I get him his favorite. March Madness. He loves it do much he totally zones and even veges a bit. To make sure he can appreciate his gift in full I'm sure to be busy with a knitting project. See my hitchhiker scarf in progress.

I was super sad to see him go, but I'm headed to CO in like a week and a half!!
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