Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Never Mess With A Girls Sleep Schedule

Dear Daylight Savings,
We are not friends this time of year. It was cool that you gave me an hour last time... But to call take backs? Rude. I plan on holding a grudge for at least another week.
I mean, I was waking up before my alarm even went off. I was on a schedule. It was a rare and beautiful thing. Yesterday I woke up an hr late. Like when I was supposed to leave. So tonight I only took one benedryl and woke up at4:30 am with Al-er-gies! Now I'm congested and feel a need for sleep. Like a weeks worth.
So yes. I am mad at you Daylight Savings time. You don't mess with a girls sleep schedule.
Just Tired Jessica

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Anonymous said...

but it stays light "later" into the evening~!! <3valpal

Anonymous said...

ps your new "please prove your'e not a robot" thing is confusing.

Really Rach said...

Feelin your pain...x