Thursday, March 8, 2012

Try and Stop Me.

Argh. These days. Spring is coming which means the stinky white trees are in full bloom. At night I take two benadryl, one claritin and one ibuprofen for my headache.
I almost fell asleep a time I shouldn't have. Also. I wore a cotton skirt. On one of the windiest days Fresno has seen. On a day I was responsible for escorting individuals to and from the restroom. Not a good decision.
I went to Jamba Juice for a pick me up lunch of Aloha Pineapple, no bananas, sub strawberries. On my way back it flipped over and spilled all over the floor of my car. I was rather upset. When I got to school the floor mat wasn't coming out easily (I wanted to shake all the smoothie out of my car) as I was bracing the door open against the wind. Then it snapped off and splattered the Jamba mess all over my front. (And they say Jamba means to celebrate.) I may have said a bad word in the parking lot. I also cried. I also wanted to call my mom. You know those moments where kids work themselves into a dizzy and the only thing that can console them in mom. Just kind of plug me into that image, snot included thanks to the allergies. Then I went in and watched a Big Bang Theory episode and stapled lots of things to the wall with my UH-Mazing stapler. I felt better and my eyes weren't so puffy.

Tomorrow I'm wearing pants. And a Sheldon-esque shirt. (Sheldon is my FAV-orite character from The Big Bang Theory.) I'm thinking Star Wars. Try and stop me.

Ps. My day was much improved with waffles for dinner and crafting with my cousins. They helped me make samples for an x y coordinate graphingu project that looks REAL pretty!


Becca said...

oh i forgot about those stinky fresno blossoms!!! brings back memories of walking around clovis west. gross. hope you’re feeling better sugar booger!

Dani said...

I have been addicted to the Big Bang Theory lately too! They are so funny! Chris and I bought all the seasons.