Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Swap!

So I've known Derek for a long time! Approximately since this picture was taken! 

 We're both on the bottom row. I'm the second in from the left and he's the third in.
Derek recently posted some sports logo metal work that he had done and of course my initial thought was "AH! Maybe he could make me an 'N'!" Well not only did he make me one...he made 4!!!

I never would have even thought of the relief, but I really like what it's going to add to my N wall! Well I was  so excited for the N's I thought I need to make something for him! So I made this rugged squishy hat that to me just seemed to fit with Derek's active lifestyle! (And short hair cut!)

 As soon as I finished it, I had to put it right in the envelope because I was tempted to keep it!

 Just look how squishy it is! I think I will most definitely be making this hat again and I hope Derek likes it!

Here is my N wall! I'm loving it! I'm also living that more than half of the N's now have stories!

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