Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

So it snowed yesterday.

And through the night. But it was pretty wet. And everything that hit the sidewalks/roads melted, and then froze. I have a whole new understanding of ice. I planned to spend the morning at one of the 7th/8th grade schools volunteering and as I was pulling in saw students waddling like penguins with their hands out like surfers. My thoughts: "Gimme a break." Folks, I thought to soon. It was that bad. While in the building, the sun came out and so did the snow melter sprinkles. Walking to my car wasn't too bad. When I got to my car, I let my guard down forgetting that my car had provided a nice shade for the ice outside my car door.
I ate it. Full wipe out. On the ground.
I can't believe more of me doesn't hurt. Maybe because I was so caught by surprise. The only thing that hurts (and it really hurts) is my elbow. I conked it. I never realized how much I use my elbows til today.
Also possibly hurt: my ego. I wonder if anyone saw my. I was right the middle of an empty parking lot.
After that, I went home, where I stayed to wait for the rest of the ice to melt.

While I waited, I worked on a border for this quilt.

Why is it that piecing borders is not nearly as satisfying as piecing the main blocks?
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The Luedtke Family said...

You'll get pretty good at walking on ice, with practice! We had mixture of a rainy/snowy day yesterday, a bit icy. Not a big deal, sort of normal for January. Except for the rain! We are still waiting for winter to arrive in our part of the midwest.