Friday, January 11, 2013

Garden City and the Red Sweater

Luke and I took a visit together on October 12 and 13 to check out Garden City before making any decisions whether we'd be moving there or not. We met a TON of people, got to tour schools and drive around and get to know the town. We even went to a high school football game that night! It was my first experience with the Kansas wind! Brrr!

Luke's sitting position on the way home was the first clue that were not as fit for the marathon driving of our "youth."

Take a look at the Southwestern Kansas scenery.

 The nice part about so much driving is that it gives me lots of time to knit! I spied this sweater on the cover of Knit Scene and had to have it! A few other patterns in the magazine that I was interested in helped me justify the purchase!

It was icing on the cake when I found the most luxurious Debbie Bliss yarn for HALF OFF at one of the shops on Yarn Along the Rockies.

 The only mildly stressful part was that the store only had EXACTLY enough yarn. I did the whole body of the sweater first and seamed it up.

Then I figured out how to do the sleeves top down and two at a time so that just in case I didn't have enough yarn I could make the sleeves 3/4 or something.

My sleeves turned out to be just about the same length as the sweater the model is wearing and I'm pretty happy with that. I usually end up pulling my sleeves up anyway so this worked out well!

This is my "That's right, I made this sweater and it's amazing" look.

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Tanya said...

It IS amazing. And you look amazing in it. That's a fantastic red!