Sunday, March 1, 2009

Striped Sweater

I started this sweater back in August. Lynda and Maria had a yarn dying session and this amazing aqua blue/purple/green yarn as the result...and I had to have it! I'm a sucker for those colors! I had seen another baby sweater pattern that I thought would be perfect. Baby projects are fun, because they're little and quick! So no, I'm not having a baby...(not even married yet) yes, I'm too attached to the yarn to part with it...I'm putting it in the conceptual "hope chest" for a someday sort of event. For those of you who want to know what I'll do if I have girls, I'll put an aqua colored bow on it...or maybe crochet a flower pin. :)

Here "Grandmother Bear" (named this because Val's boyfriend Matt received the bear from his grandmother when he was younger. Valerie took it.) is modeling the sweater for us. Good thing the button neck gave a big enough opening for her head! I couldn't fasten all the buttons because she doesn't really have a neck.

For the Knitty Gritty aspect of this sweater:
The pattern is from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss.It was fun to do. I liked knitting the stripes. I had a block of time between when I started it, and picked it back up again which kind of messed with my "groove." As a result I had a couple technical errors and the gauge is a little off which made for an interesting time assembling the little beast. I used buttons I found in my Grandma Freeman's stash of buttons. This is sentimental for me because she used to knit...a lot. Though I don't remember her (she died before I got old enough) it's a cool way to connect my knitting to her! Maybe it IS in the blood?!I plan to make this hat in the same yarn to make an ensemble:

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Anonymous said...

i like the sweater a bunch!!!
the baby is cute! i am currently talking to you!