Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Big Winner!

No, sorry, I'm not giving away any cool prizes...in fact...I was the one who won! Yep! I was coming into the main room late Sunday morning (because I had been up until 5:30 in the morning) and was thrilled to get to pull out my FINNISHED QUILT TOP! YAY! The 1930's block exchange quilt top is DONE! Sure it still needs backing and quilting and binding...but hey, this is a landmark, and I was thrilled to show everyone! Sooo I came in, and showed all my friends and people were excited for me and taking pictures. While I was just starting to get suspicious of all the people hanging around, they started to announce the Grand Prize Winner of the weekend. I was content and very happy just having my quilt done when all of a sudden I hear MY NAME! I was shocked! Can ya tell?!
Come to find out my name had been called while I was sleeping in. My group had said it would be sooo much better if I was there to react, they convinced them to re-stage the drawing when I got in! Well they sure got me!

I won all the material to make a quilt and the pattern and a nice little carry bag with the fabric lines name printed in it(for those of you who dont know, designer high quality quilt fabric is expensive...so all the material for a quilt is a BIG deal!) Talk about icing on the cake. I think I just sort of drifted through the rest of the day in la la land. To top it all off, this was our view driving home.


Lisa said...

Congrats Jess! you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Good Job honey! you are amazing!

Susan said...

It was a fun weekend and it was fun having you there, too! You were the big winner and your quilt top is beautiful. I'm so proud of you!