Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Friend is Famous!

Or at least well on her way! My friend Cindy at Live a Colorful Life has recently had a quilt pattern she created published with another one in the works! The allready published pattern is called Charm Parade and can be found for purchase (here). How cool is that! Not only is she published but two people at the quilt retreat created her quilt!
Here is Cindy (left) with the woman who made her quilt!
The other version of Cindy's quilt was entered as a Challenge Quilt. Which leads me to tell you that another event that goes on during the "Quilt Camp" weekend is the "Challenge Quilt" show. Each year Quilters Paradise chooses a challange fabric and each retreat attendee recieves a piece of this challenge fabric with their registration for the conference. The attendee can then choose to make their piece of fabric into a quilted master piece that will then recieve a number and go on the wall and at the end of the retreat each person votes for their favorite! Jennifer made a mini version of Cindy's quilt and didn't tell anyone so it was a fun suprise to see it there on the wall!
It's so fascinating to me how the quilt pattern can go from being so young and playful to sophisticated and pretty!

This is Dotty's

Aunt Maggie's Heart's

Jullie went a different direction with hearts! We liked how they made the scalloped border!

and Jennifer's other challange quilt! Somehow she mannaged to get two in! I love how the challange fabric just blends right in on this one!


live a colorful life said...

Thanks, Jessie. One of the best things about this post (for me, at least) was that I had no idea Quilter's Paradise had that nice write-up on their website. So, thanks again.

Janice Porter said...

You guys are so talented! I have a new Kansas friend and we have just started quilting together! And Jessica we're going to start crocheting too! You inspire us! Grandma Janice