Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luke is Legit when he Lands some Liquor

(Except on his 21st birthday, he drank beer, but I was utilizing "L" words for alliterations!) Anyway, back to Luke's 21st birthday! It was quite the day. It started with me heading off to my science lab way too early leaving to sleep in. Unfortunately my Dad forgot it was his birthday and woke him up to give him some last minute instructions on the fence stuff before he left for work. Soooo Luke was already awake when I got back, AND working. I still made him breakfast anyway. Breakfast burrito with bacon, green onions, and salsa! Yum! Mine was mini, and Luke's was super sized! Then we started getting ready to head out. Wednesday was the day of the Shamrock Shindig, and Luke had very generously offered to give an introduction of golf to the students at my work! Golf did partially originate in Ireland so it was an appropriate outdoor activity. We stopped by my mom's class to pick up wooden spoons her class uses for cooking (golf clubs for my students.) Then off to Sam's Club to get contacts for me...Luke waited in the car during that part and made good progress on Eclipse,the third Twilight book.
The last thing we did before heading to my work/school was stop at Great Harvest. Our Great Harvest has, what I think are, the best sandwiches in town! Since I had my coupon that I found while tie-dying it was the perfect place to get lunch. Not to mention while we were in the store upon hearing that it was Luke's birthday Becky, one of the owners and a good friend of mine, gave Luke a giant cupcake! Talk about dessert! Then it was off to school.
Things got a little hectic at this point as they always do when you throw a big group of kids into the mix! (Unfortunately we cant post pictures of this part because of liability and all that jazz, but it was great!) While Luke was giving his lesson and playing the games outside, I was inside helping kids make potato cakes or whatever you want to call them. The kids thought they were fabulous and it was a kid friendly activity and I had several requests for the recipe...but alas I confess...I really just made the whole thing up! I had the kids peel potatoes, carrots, and handed the youngest kids cabbage wedges. Then they each got to take a turn dropping their pieces of ingredient into the Kitchen Aid shredding attachment. We added some oil, and a few eggs then I plopped it onto the griddle. Flip, Sprinkle on a little salt and they're practically hash browns. The kids were surprised they liked the veggies, and the parents were surprised their kids ate it.
Luke was outside. He came equipped with a picture of a golf course, a picture of Bobby Jones wearing knickers, his knickers to show them the real version (Luke forgot the argyle socks otherwise he would have worn the outfit),and a picture of St. Andrews (since we were talking about Ireland.) Then after the talking part the kids got to practice their golf swing with the wooden spoons and some golf ball sized wiffle balls I had previously purchased. Then later Luke used my club to hit a real ball and the kids ran when we said they could to be the first one to find it! What a great energy burning technique!? Who would have thought they'd have that much fun running after a ball?! When the whole "Shindig" was over Luke humored the students and played basketball with them. He showed off and "dunked" and the kids LOVED it and him!

After we left the school quite tuckered out, we stoped by home to meet up with my parents and then headed over to B.J.'s Restaurant and Brewhouse for a birthday dinner (and beverage.) B.J.'s is known for their beer sampler (and for their Birthday Pizookie) so it seemed to be an appropriate choice.

We had a cheeseburger pizza (ground beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, and pickles-surprisingly good) and mediteranian-not as unique but still very good. Luke enjoyed his sampler...I can't remember which one he decided to go with though. When Pizookie time came around he really enjoyed that! Who can resist a warm giant cookie with ice cream? Not me! The rest of us ordered two others to share.
Mark and Cindy make amazing fused glass creations, and gave Luke this cool fused beer bottle shaped into dish form. Keep an eye out for more like it at their ETSY Store <HERE>.
I found this cool left handed pencil at a shop called Lefty's in San Francisco. Luke and I are both lefty's and I was sooooo excited about this pencil I thought Luke might like to give it a try too! Yes there's only one in the pack, I was already given grief by my family. So heres the explanation:
The other one is purple (my favorite color, not so much his), I didn't know if he would even like the pencil so I didn't get him his own pack, and I had to include the packaging to get all the background information about the neat item!
This next one, Luke isn't so sure about. Can you see the skeptical look on his face? Buuut....

He recognizes what it is now! This is one of the projects fom quilt camp that I didn't share. Cindy had some really cool left over golfball fabric from a project she was working on. I saw it in her scrap pile and quickly asked if I could have it! She said yes. Granted I had no idea what I was going to do with it at that point, but held onto it anyway. I took it to quilt camp just in case I was to become inspired. Sure enough I was! I thought it would be humorously clever to make the golf balls the border fabric, put them on top of a grass cuff, with a sky body! Now if only I had thought to find some tee fabric to make a mini cuff! Anyway, Happy Birthday Luke! It was so very good to celebrate with you!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the presants honey! and you too cindy i know you are reading this! I had fun celebrating with you!

live a colorful life said...

Luke, in case you come back to this post, thanks for including us in your birthday celebration. We had a great time!

Neola said...

Glad you all had a great time. Thanks for helping him celebrate! It was the first birthday we haven't helped him celebrate. That was sad but glad he had a good time:)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

looks like ya'll had lotsa fun!

Dani said...

Wow what a detailed post. But really the only thing I got out of it... Is Luke reading Twilight?