Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't Fence Him In

No need for explaination right? We needed to replace a good section of fence.
eak+012.jpg" border=0>Convieniently Luke was here, and sort of interested in having some part time work/something to do while I was gone at school and work....sooo he got fence duty.

Sunday after church we all headed to Home Depot (ugh cant stand the place but hey it wasnt my money going to support them...)and got all the materials. Mostly I watched and moved the truck to the loading zone when they were ready.

Then Luke got started digging holes for fence posts. He became all to familiar with Fresno Hardpan and root filled dirt.
Once the holes were done, he was in business.

When my dad came home from work each evening he threw in his contribution or two cents until dinner time!

When Luke got the fence to this stage I realised my chance to get a picture of their cool garden space was dwindling. I asked Luke to sneak a quick picture for me. Check it out! Isnt that sweet looking?A nice way to avoid digging in all that hard pan if you ask me!

.jpg" border=0>It was a good thing I asked him to snap that picture because when I got home that day the fence was DONE! Yayee! Does he look a little tired?

Maybe a little but mostly I think he's glad to be done and happy with the results! I think it's pretty!

I learned while skimming the book he left for me (Golf:Naked The Bare Essentials Revealed by Greg Rowley, PGA) to read that his pose in the picture ;below is called a tri-pod. This book tells you everything you want to know and more about golfing right down to the picture poses. Haha!


Anonymous said...

i thought you would like that book! it is pretty amazing! huh?

Jamie said...

I don't know Jess...the book sounds a little suggestive to me. Especially coming from your boyfriend! Watch out!