Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pining for a Place to Put my Pins

Well I wasn't really, until I saw the pin cushion mini project at quilt camp! I even had just the right fabric! Cindy had passed these beauties on to me because they aren't especially her colors and they are "sew mine!" Sorry about the pun, but I had to include it for Aunt Maggie and Cindy who kept me entertained with puns similar to that all weekend! :) Anyway, I loved the fabric and took it up with me just in case I thought of the perfect project for it! And so began the pincushion!

The quilters paradise pincushion had a felt flower in the middle but the whole point of this project was to show off some of the fabric, so I made a yo yo and put it in the middle with a button. I attached my button to the top layer earlier than the pattern asked for so that I could get it on well and then ran some thread through the middle after if was stuffed to give it a sort of "belly button."

Then I stuffed it with Jennifer's leftover crushed walnut shells and dried lavender. It smells delicious, and kind of looks delicious to me too! I think it sort of resembles a dessert, though I'm not sure what kind(any thoughts?). The more I look at it, the more I think it could serve as more than just a pin cushion. It would make a nice door stop (you'd have to stuff it with something a little heavier) or even decorative table cloth weights for an backyard tea party! Something to think about!


live a colorful life said...

that is super cute. And I think the yo-yo is the perfect addition.

Anonymous said...

like these colors!

Susan said...

It looks like a yummy bundt cake!