Sunday, March 29, 2009

Took Him Out to the Ball Game

Friday night after work I took an extra dose of allergy meds and headed out to the Fresno State Baseball game with my co-worker Sarah and our buddy J.
He was quite the excited kid, and was tickled to get to play photographer. He took pictures of the game.
Pictures of himself...
And pictures of the three of us!
I offered to help out on that one!

Sarah and I both had funnel cakes! We were celebrating her birthday, sort of, so it was an unofficial birthday cake!

J insisted that sunflower seeds were his his thing he meant putting a handfull in his mouth, chewing them to un recognisable pieces, and then spitting the whole mess into a cup. (Which I am VERY glad I thought to ask the sales lady for.) I even gave him a special seed eating demonstration and showed him how most people just eat the inside. He said "yah, I know..." and kept right on mutalating. I didn't feel so bad when I heard a dad a few seats down explaining a similar concept to his son. Is this where it's okay to just let go? I mean, I made sure he wasn't getting too high a dose of fiber by at least getting a "spit cup" right?

So, the game was close, but in the 8th inning the other team scored 5 and, well, we lost. The highlight of the night, however, came after the game. One of our other co-workers met us after the game with a ball and a sharpie so J could go get signatures from all the players. The players were thankfully very good models of sportmanlike conduct which was much appreciated, as this was J's reward for having good behavior, and J's smile lit up the whole area! He was so thrilled! What a great way to spend a Friday night!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! we need to go to a baseball game!