Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perusing Projects

I've pretty much covered most of Quilt Camp, or Quilting in the Pines, but before I quit I just thought I'd show off some of the projects other people were working on so you can get a better sense of what was going on! My mom and I got major work done on our 1930's quilts. She's doing the primary version of what I finished! You can see her blocks up on the white board behind us.
Tada! The borders are almost done and all the blocks are put together!

These are pieces one woman was putting together to make a scrappy quilt. Yes ladies and gentlemen, those are scraps, very little and a LOT of work! Be impressed!

Jennifer was very excited to be done with her batik quilt (not sure what that is click here). She's been working on it intermittently and is very glad to be done.

She dramatically posed for me and recited the poem Anne recites as she drifts down the river in a row boat only to find that it has a leak and that she has to be rescued by Gilbert Blythe. Yep! Jennifer is an Anne fan! Yesssss!Loved it!

Among other things she also completed this darling pin cushion and scrap bag! Too Cute!

Aunt Maggie finished the top for this bright, fun, and colorful monster quilt.

Last but most certainly not least is one of my favorites, done by Cindy Lou herself! I know these blocks drove her absolutely nuts, but isn't it fabulous! Each fabric pattern in the colored blocks comes on the same bolt of fabric, and is cut from that to make up all the little pieces. The patterns are divided by rulers printed into the fabric. I don't know that I'm doing it justice...but man, its phenomenal! There are two more blocks to come in Red and Navy blue. I think I did a very poor job of hiding my lust all weekend, and I know I kept eyeing it from my end of the table, which probably didn't help her frustration from slow progress and lots of little pieces, but I just HAD to share it with you because sometimes Cindy's work doesn't always get adequately shown off and this one...well yah you get the point, I think its "fab!" Haha!


Susan said...

Cindy's quilt is indeed fab! I'm impressed that Jennifer knew the Anne poem. What is the Anne poem?

Pen Pen said...

Is that UR machine?! It's so vintage-y awesome!!

JHRME said...

Technically its not mine...its my moms. Its a Singer Featherweight! Very trendy! Since my mom has hmm... a few...she lets me use heres. No fancy stitches, only forward and backward...but fun to sew on and VERY portable!