Monday, March 9, 2009

Outfit Repeater- gasp!

Found in the Urban Dictionary:
Outfit Repeater : An individual who wears the same outfit (a set of clothing) more than once. Seems to be more of a female thing because it doesn't really apply to males.

Girl 1: Hi
Girl 2: Hello...OMG didn't I see you wearing those jeans and tops last week?
Girl 1: Ummmm....I dunno.

Some of you may have noticed my outfit in the pictures we took on Saturday is identical to an outfit I wore at our Quilt Camp at Huntington Lake. I think it might be my uniform but here's why: jeans often cut of the circulation when I sit down for long periods of time and those red sweat pants (yep, sorry to disappoint Luke, but I wore sweats one of the 4 days) don't seem to bulk up behind my knees as much. I went with the shirt because I like to wear shoes I can easily slip on and off because I sew barefoot (or sock foot) and my crocs are fabulous for slipping on and off. I have blue Crocs and black crocs, but since most of my outfits for the time were black based I went with black crocs. But that meant in choosing my comfy long sleeved shirt I had to go with the Clovis West Choir shirt because the navy blue Fresno State shirt wouldn't coordinate very well with the black crocs. Trust me, I tried to go with something new...I thought long and hard about it. In the end matching overpowered the downside of being an outfit repeater. Whew. That almost made my brain hurt.

Ahhh! I went to add the pictures to this blog...and I'm NOT an outfit repeater! Different pants! Yesssss!

*The author of this blog does not object to outfit repeating and does so quite frequently...she just tries not to outfit repeat at similar events and when large quantities of pictures may be taken and posted on the Internet.


live a colorful life said...

You are too funny. I was present on both occasions, and never noticed that extreme fashion faux pas of outfit repeating. Maybe because I'm quite possibly guilty of the very same offense.

Anonymous said...

outfit repeating completly irrelavent unless you take pictures and then post them in some fashion... myspace, facebook and blogging! and there most def was no repeat here. P.s. its not the pants its the shirt that i think throws the latest one off.

Anonymous said...

undershirt is also different!