Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quilt Camp!

Okay, it's really called Quilting in the Pines...but which sounds more fun? This weekend a group of us headed up to Bass Lake to spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and half of Sunday, piecing, ripping, stitching, laughing and having a great time putting together our masterpieces!

Left to right: Me, Jennifer, Mom (Susan), Aunt Nancy(not my aunt, Jennifers aunt but I cant call her anything else!), Dotty, Aunt Maggie, Jullie, and Cindy! It was a pretty amazing group!
Our group sat at the Log Cabin table. The sign Dotty is holding has a picture of a log cabin quilt block. Each table was named by different quilt blocks!

Each year there is a chosen pattern and theme for a commemerative block. The 2009 Commemorative Block pattern is called Lady of the Lake. and everyone participating was asked to make the block in a shade of tan, and blue. Then everyone who enters a block enters their name in a drawing. At the end of the weekend names are drawn and each person whose name is drawn gets to pick out 9 blocks to take home! Then the winners of the block bring back a finnished product to the next years "Quilting in the Pines" retreat.
Here are our finished blocks! My mom and I each made two!
Here are most of the finished blocks! Our names didn't get drawn but Jullie's did (twice!) and we can't wait to see what she comes up with to show off next year!

Stay tuned for more to come about "Quilt Camp"...the projects we worked on, and funny stories!


live a colorful life said...

Such a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good job honey!
Im also glad to see that you actually got dressed and didn't wear just sweat pants the whole weekend!

Tanya said...

Ummm...No mention of a $150=hoards of fabric??? Looks like you guys had fun! Also, I think that yellow shirt and red pants must be your mountain quilt retreat uniform, because Im pretty sure you were wearing that at the FFFFFFFFF Quilting retreat :-)

also, my word verification is fun is that?

JHRME said...

I did say more to come, didn't I? :)