Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Germs and Dawgs

I've been spending a lot of time in the school computer lab. Apparently so has everyone else because the keyboards are dirty. Gross dirty. I can't afford to get sick right now and I DEF-inately don't want to touch that grossness so I unplugged the keyboard and went to work with a "wet one." Look at what came off on the wipe after cleaning 1/3 of the keyboard!

Ok maybe I'm. Bit much but I'm still not sick. Allergies are a different story.
Last weekend I hung out with "my dawg" (implying he's my homie an not my dog) Priest.

He likes hanging out with his peeps so a car ride makes him happy as long as he is with people.

He wants to be sooo near people that he puts his paws on the center console and sticks his head through as far as he can. Boy was I surprised when he got my shoulder with his tongue. Dude. I'm married.

Priest in fact loves people so much that he denied my aunt and uncles dog Kaylee Waffle any interest in playing. (ok they played a little but not as much as the puppy who runs 6 miles a day on the treadmill would have liked.) Poor Kaylee.

She was still pooped enough to squeeze herself into her stolen cat bed. If that's not funny I don't know what is!

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k said...

Him curled up in that cat bed is hilarious! Love it.