Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Drink By Any Other Name

would taste just as delicious and might be out there...but we think we made it up. And we call it:
The Jolly Quilter
because it tastes like a Jolly Rancher...and we drink it on quilting nights when we have something to celebrate...or would like to celebrate our work....or we're really not that thrilled with our work.... or we wish to celebrate each other.
They're served in darling antique juice glasses. Each person needs a different one. To tell them apart.
The words "Hey! That's my glass!" have been known to be exclaimed from time to time.
They are one part Sparkling Apple-Cranberry and one part peach schnapps.
They must be earned by piecing, stippling, assembling binding, label making, finishing binding...QUILTING!
See I'm hard at work in the background of the photo above doing the final stippling on a VIQ (Very Important Quilt!)
These hooligans are ?binding?

They MUST be enjoyed by JOLLY QUILTERS!
Do we look jolly?
Clockwise from bottom right: Me, Sister Valerie, Cousin Tanya,Cousin Kim, Aunt Maggie.
Cheers! A toast to quilting!

Ps. Don't cha just love Val's every color included Little Miss Matched socks?
Right up my alley!


Anonymous said...

we look like we could be five sisters!!

Tanya said...

Love the post title! And yes, we are super jolly.