Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Burns

Some people get veggie boxes from local growers, I get a bucket, box, 2 bags and a jar from one of Luke's co workers parents garden!

I set straight to work with the really ripe guys freezing tomato/onion/pepper bags to drop into stews on Christmas break! While I did that Cami finished two blocks for her first quilt!

Half way through my cutting my fingers started to burn. At first I thought my hands might be dry and that it was the citric acid from the tomatoes. Then when I had washes my hands several times and the burning persisted it finally occurred to me that these bad boys might be jalapeños. I sent this picture to Chris R. to double check.

He confirmed that they were indeed jalapeños and sent a matching picture of the ones he is growing in his garden:

Twinzies! I took his advice from past experience and had Luke take out my contacts that night as my fingers were still burning. If thats not love (and trust) I don't know what is! It's definitely an exercise in communication! Next time I'll take Christa's advice and wear gloves.
I was so intimidated by the burn of jalapeño on my fingers that I only put 1/4 of one in our burgers that night. I wish I'd put in more. The zucchini was a hit though! Made my favorite way. Baked with butter, parmesan and thinly sliced onion!

Dessert? Palisade peach cobbler! Yum!

And some one in every color love:

An aisle at Hobby Lobby!
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The Luedtke Family said...

The seeds provide the heat, from what I believe. So, of course your fingers burned when cleaning them. Add some seeds to your dish next time for more heat. To prevent burning fingers sans gloves, cut pepper in half. Pick up by the outside, use spoon to scoop out the seeds. Hopefully no more burning.

Anonymous said...

OH Jess! I have the same story about the burning fingers!! I tried every "wife's tale" I could find to get rid of it :( Needless to say now I use gloves!


The Luedtke Family said...

On a more random note, I was at Office Max today and discovered a great sale. I was looking for broad and fine Sharpie markers to be part of a graduation gift for my niece who just graduated with an elementary education degree. What teacher wouldn't love colorful markers? Office Max had a sale, buy 2 Sharpie products get 2 free. So, she is getting a set and I am getting a set for my school! I saved $21 and some cents on that purchase! Plus they had other penny and quarter deals that could not be passed up at back to school time. There is just something about fresh pencils and full glue bottles!

Oh, she is also getting a pad-folio, colorful Paper Mate pens, a Vera Bradley lanyard, and don't know what else yet. Plus tons of prayers for a teaching job!

Fairytale Pumpkin said...

Lest you should think you are alone, there's a reason we all know these tricks...