Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One In Every Color- So Knotty (plus some)

Cami and I hit up Costco and check out these beauties!

Naturally Knotty scarves in every color. So...naturally... I bought 5.
I re did this quilt block

To make it look like this:

I'm much happier with it.
I also did this one!

All my blocks are coming together and it has been very exciting! This has definitely been a skill building quilt along!

As promised here are ALL my Lipstick Skirts!

I looove them!
Also as promised, the winner of the pretty flower pin! (My sister is jealous as SHE missed the deadline!)

Commenters #3! That's you Jennifer L! (Or should I say Nikki?) I'll get your mail out to you asap!
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Becca said...

love the scarves, i can’t wait for fall so i can actually wear some!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't wait to tell Nikki, she us going to be thrilled! Love the evades, why doesn't our Costco have those? You always find the coolest things!

Jenn L

Kimberlee said...

Dang, I never win. If it makes you feel better I would have bought five too. Such fun colors.

Candace said...

scarves are my favorite things... i love them!!
One in every color - what a bonus!!!