Sunday, August 14, 2011

Skippyjon Hunger Games with a Twist of American Girl

I have finally semi mastered the art of reading and knitting at the same time. When I would complain that knitting took away from reading time my mom would tell me how my grandma Peggy would very often read while she knit. So I knew it was possible if the pattern was simple enough.

These guys were pretty simple. Since Luke and I had just picked up The Hunger Games it seemed the time to try. Success! Though I confess I didn't really enjoy the book. It was kind of not very uplifting. And kind of a plot that's been used before. Don't get me wrong, I was sucked in and totally wanted to know what happened! BUT I also totally wanted to get it over with. Sigh. My reading groove is off as of late.

On another reading note: I love the company American Girl. Love the books, love the magazine, love the creativity they encourage, and love the dolls! Play, read, create, what's not to love!? (ok maybe the price.) But really, I think it's worth it. From the beginning I've told Luke if we have girls we're making a quest to THE original AG store in Chicago. I remember reading about it and hearing about it and finally, on a high school choir trip, going there!! Even in high school it was dreamy!
Any way, I have three friends, that I know of, with girls who have AG dolls. So I made them(the dolls) each a little bolero sweater
and a matching hair clip! There's a chance I had more fun making them than they will playing with them.
 We'll see. I plan to deliver them when I get back to Fresno.
Which will be the 17th. It crept up on me and I ignored it.

Last book note: I picked up two more Skippyjon Jones books at Costco.

That kitty boy is so funny!They came with audio CDs! I read them aloud to Luke. I enjoy those books so much! I'm pretty sure there written for grown ups.
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The Isaacs said...

When you're back in Fresno, don't forget that you're always welcome to come to our Book Club! :)

The Luedtke Family said...

Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I can say that I have yet to step foot into the American Girl doll. My stance is this, when Norah reads or listens to the books with enjoyment and is old enough to take nice care of the too expensive dolls, I may consider getting her one for Christmas. Then I will know which one, features, outfits, etc. that she will like.

My other plan is to read aloud Anne of Green Gables to her and then watch it with her. I always love it when PBS shows it on their fundraising stints.

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

What cute little sweaters!! Do I see left over yarn from my slippers? Have you read Savvy by Ingrid Law? MUST! Janice

Kimberlee said...

We love Skippyjon Jones too. Some of my favorite children's books. And your sweaters turned out so cute. I have always wanted to get Brynlee an American Doll baby but she just wasn't into dolls. Never has been. Dolls, barbies, polly pockets...they never get played with at our house. But give that girl a craft project and she will stay busy for hours.

k said...

You need a stuffed SkippyJon Jones.

Candace said...

Skippy jones? Never heard of these books... I LOVE children's books so i will definitely keep an eye out for these! I have a bookshelf FULL of kiddies books.. my favorites are "the faraway tree" "the wishing chair" "the famous five" and any and all winnie the pooh books - mike bought me a beautiful hard cover full compilation book with the old illustrations!! AMAZING - mike read them to me at bedtime :) My favorite time of the day!! Oh and recently found a "Mary Poppins" book which is so precious!!! Will post these on my blog soon too.... LOVE LOVE BOOKS!!!

Lee said...

Hey Jessica, that reminds me of the clips I wanted made. Do you still have the yellow and white one I gave you??? We'd still really love a couple in different colors.