Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

Muffin n. vessel for butter.

Allergies n. Itchy ears, sore throat, snoring husband

Air Conditioner n. 1. Marriage saver 2. Enables quilting 3. Goodness

Saturday night we had a get together for people who worked at the place I worked last summer. (Interestingly, only one of us still works there.) It was so much fun!

Sunday Cami came over and we figured out how to use the sewing machine she inherited from her Grandma.

And THEN she started her FIRST QUILT!!!

She's making a log cabin quilt with some variations. First variation: One of the fabrics in her stack, her "focus fabric" is too big/pretty of a print to make into small strips. So we're going to do block size (9 inch) squares of it And put it in randomly.
Variation 2: purple and yellow blocks AND purple and green. Were going pretty non traditional!

Lastly, I stayed up waaaay to late making this block last night.

It was not right, so I stayed up later to make this block:

Still not perfect, but better.
I've got three more to make today. Better get a move on! Also, ALL my lipstick skirts are DONE! I'll try and take a picture today.

Oh one more thing.*added at 1:49 PM*  My husband just got up and emptied the dishwasher yesterday. It was sexy.
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Tanya said...

Man! You are one busy girl. And "ALL" of your lipstick skirts? How many did you make? (Coincidentally, I am wearing mine today and I love it...)

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

I cannot keep up with your blog! You are one busy girl! And it looks like a good teacher! Thank you note is coming!! Janice