Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please pass the sanitizer and kiss me.

So when I was in the mountains I got a bit of sun and thought I had an itchy back because of that. Then, Monday, I was in the grocery store and my back itched sooo bad! I was twisting in all sorts of ways to scratch my back! When Tanya got home she confirmed for me that I had mosquito bites. Ugh. They always seem to itch the most at the worst times. Ex: Right now during class.

Shout out to Art, who I just found out reads my blog!

My car has just started smelling like baby powder. I don't know where it's coming from, but I'm not fond of it.

There's an individual in the computer lab blowing his nose like a car horn, (into a handkerchief. germs!) sniffing, clearing his throat at the volume i talk to a whole class and swishing water in his mouth to rinse out pieces of the offensive smelling lunch he just ate in the computer lab. Shudder. I would like social boundaries back right now please. And some hand sanitizer.

I saw a couple walking down the side walk while I was driving home from school. They were laughing, holding hands and clearly just enjoying the moment. It was refreshing because seeing this I didn't get angry or jealous or sad because Luke and I are apart, instead I had flashbacks to our moments like that.

 I married him for the twinkle/trouble in his eyes ya know. Ahhh such flash back pictures. We're baaaabies.

What's even better, is that Kiss Me, by Six Pence None the Richer, came on. I really like that song. Really. It's such a chick flick song for a total chick flick moment.

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girlyhurley said...

You are such a busy lady!!! I'm enjoying your blogs. .. .I'll try to comment more! Call me if you are free this weekend!

Anonymous said...

kiss me beneth the milky twilight
lead me out to the moonlit floor, lift your open hand strike up the band and make the fireflyes dance, the silver moons is sparkling so kiss me.... i think is right, not too bad for not hearing the song if it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Get a virtual room you two.

-Val & Matt