Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebration and Sympathy

In one of my classes I help in, the kids get celebrations for doing good or extra work. Mine is a good and extra celebration: I passed one of my two CSET tests. The other I missed by not toooo many points and I'm feeling ok with that because 1.) I woke up and got there and 2.) I thought I bombed them both. Time to study study study!
Now for Sympathy. I have lots of it for kids with ear issues or sinus issues that cause ear issues. I had three sets of tubes before I turned 5. What felt like 20 ear infections a year. The "pink stuff" was always in our fridge. 1 ruptured eardrum. 4 ear nose and throat specialists. 1 useful specialist. Etc. For reasons I now better understand they would always get worse at night. I have vivid memories of mom sitting with me, rubbing my hair and helping me fall asleep before the next morning Dr Appt. Sometimes we'd try heat packs, others a cool washcloth but really, not much helps the bad ones. Even once you have meds you still have to play the waiting game. Oooh and the waiting just stinks. If I talk, it's loud in my head, if people talk to me, or I try to watch something I can't hear. You just can't win. Anyway, though Ive gotten much more preventative I had early sign symptoms today. Regardless of my past, and familiarity with procedures and OTC meds my NP still wanted me to wait for "real meds." (totally get the push to stop over prescribing) but it was like maybe she thought it would blow over and all would be good in a few days. And maybe she's right I thought as I walked away.
I entered my class building.
Wait a minute, my ears are bugging me!! This business can be keeping me in pain and awake come 10 pm when they're closed. And then I wouldn't get drugs til the next afternoon.

I turned right around ( more or less) and marched back to the school clinic and pharmacy. I can't wait. I might heal on my own but that is not a risk I'm willing to take. I want to do EVERYTHING possible to get better and not have hurty ears/throat. I am not a martyr. I am not tough. Give me meds

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The Luedtke Family said...

Having gone through ear infections and 1 set of tubes with Simon, the doctor talked about waiting to heal on their own. He said never wait for the little ones, they cannot tell you about the pain. He said with older children, they can talk about the pain and how much to handle. I say if you know your body and how it responds, be your own advocate. I would not disregard a history like yours. I am now allergic to the 'cillin family and it stinks! The z-pack does not touch my infections and others are so expensive. But my first 2 years in the school I was so sick and needed antibiotics. Ear pain is possibly one of the most uncomfortable pains, along with migraines, and chemo/transplant side effects, well, I guess maybe not one of the worst. But it definitely lingers. I always hate the ear cackling when swallowing for weeks after.

Take care and get better.

Good luck on studying and the next test!

The Luedtke Family said...

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