Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Like Disneyland

The Civil War Revisited is. (Yep, the first graders have me talking star wars.) Friday night I kid sat so I waited up for the oldest to come home from a football game, then woke up at 6 to take another to cheer, followed by soccer. Whew. I'm not ready to be a mom. Also, Luke and I have pre arranged that he gets morning duty. And coaching duty.
Anyway, then I got all my gear on

and tromped(in my boots) ok really I stuffed myself and my hoop skirts in the car

And headed on over to The Civil War Revisited. I sat in on some lectures and did some history methods reading(I deemed it appropriate.)

Only here would you see people waiting I'm line to take pictures with and get autographs from a reAl looking Abe Lincoln. Just like Disneyland.

This year there was a evening battle. It was very vivid, almost eerie real feeling.

The cooling air really caused the haze from the fire to be thick. The darkening sky allowed us to see the fire come out of the guns and cannons. I could feel the heat radiating when the cannons were fired.
What a great opportunity for learning! I can't wait to go back tomorrow.
Ps. I have 4 free tickets. If you want them get in touch!

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Jamie said...

I have never been to this, and have always wanted to. I keep thinking, "when the kids get older" because I hear it's really loud. But I think they're old enough now! Especially Audrey and Isaac. Maybe next year!