Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Fact? Fiction? Funny, as I "grow up" the lines become less and less clear. More and more things are becoming "faction" as Candace, the editor of my favorite podcast "Stuff You Missed in History Class", says.
Faction came to me most apparently when I read the book "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress." Many members of my larger area church community were in an uproar. "That's not how things went." said many. Even to the point of a semi rebutle book being published called "Mennonite in Blue Jeans."

After moms death and many of the events that followed, I found my self in the middle of more faction than I knew existed. On mans truth was another mans fiction. In some cases no amounts of counseling would have two parties see eye to eye.
These two events left an interesting mark. Just a few weeks ago, I bought the book "The 19th Wife." How could it not be interesting? Thing is. It's told from her exiled sons perspective. Hmm. Not so arbitrary. Its on pause right now.
But really, can anything but math be arbitrary? I so often like to think of books nicely wrapping up stories of fact, when really, it's matter if the authors presentation.
The other day my history methods professor showed us excerpts from textbooks of different places and times on the Civil War. (right up my alley as the reenactment is this weekend!!!!!) Anyway, as you can imagine the textbook General Lee's daughter wrote shortly after the civil war differs a bit from the CA text of modern day. Even Canadian and Mexican texts had different renditions. All about the same event.
Alas, I am waging an interesting battle in my head regarding what I know, what I thought I knew, and what I will be learning.

Ps. Baby blanket done! Finished in my all day science refresher.

And for my friends Jill and Lucy:

I FINALLY found a flower pattern that seemed right. You'd be amazed at how many are out there. This one is from a youTube video by a lady named Teresa.

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Grandma G said...

I'd like to be able to see that battle going on in your head! :) Yeah, there are always different perspectives. And things are not always 'only' as WE see them. Glad you're open to seeing other perspectives. You're growing.....

Jamie said...

Super cute flower pin!!! And don't give up on the 19th wife...so interesting! I love how the author weaves together the fact (the historical account of the 19th wife) and the fiction (the boy in the current day cult in exile). Call me if you want to discuss it!

The Isaacs said...

Lucky Jill and Lucy! Love the pattern and colors, too! (And for the record, I enjoyed the Mennonite book... probably because I'm not Mennonite. I am interested in reading the Blue Jeans one just to get another perspective).