Monday, February 4, 2013

Almost Tuesday Tidbits

The 49ers made it to the Super Bowl and boy did it make this guys happy. He wore his 49er red knickers in the golf tournament before the game.

We started watching the game at Luke's work but the golfers had chowed down on all the snacks Chef had put out and I was staaaaarving so when the power went out we headed home.

Where we discovered the 49ers were making a come back! And then had our spirits crushed. In case you have no idea the Ravens won. Luke was sad. Like...really sad.
On a brighter note, I no longer have to wear a visitor sticker when I sub as I have an official badge!

Also, my friend Mary introduced me to a new local restaurant called Pho ______. I honestly can't remember the name. Just the landmark blue wall that helps me find it.

I really enjoyed the lighter, fresher tasting flavors and textures so 4 days later, I took Luke....or he took me. He paid.

His fortune cookie is the top one. He's thrilled. I thought mine was appropriate. I'm going to help him with all kinds of advice. He LOVES my advice.

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The Luedtke Family said...

Pho soup is my absolute most favorite-ist soup! I pass Noodles Pho You on my way home from work. Fridays, if I can scoot out right when I am done at 11:30, I sometimes meet my honey for lunch. I always get Pho. Then, I pick up my Lil' Miss at 12:30.

Unknown said...

Pho Hoa is the restaurant, located at 1st & Fulton , just in case you needed to know. LOL