Monday, February 18, 2013

A love for Pinterest...and a Party

In early February, I hosted a Valentines Day Pinterest Party at Luke's work. Everything at the party came from Pinterest and can be found on this board. 

 Chef Shad pinned the recipes he was going to use and embellished all of the recipes with fabulous touches like heart shaped carrots in the soup and a heart tomato garnish.

 I ordered the wool felt to make these super fun heart garlands from tadaa! Studio Felt on Etsy (find her shop here). She was awesome and got my complicated custom order shipped to me very promptly! Things I learned: Fishing line that will hold thirty pounds can act as its own needle to get through the felt when cut on an angle. If it doesn't go though easily, cut a new angle.

 The template for these super hero suckers can be found here. And the pattern for the butterfly suckers was more or less improvised by me. The nice thing about the butterflies is that you can doodle on them as much or as little as you want.

 I made my own handprint templates in photoshop for time's sake, but the best thing about that one is that it can be created pretty easily with things you have at home.  For the heart card, q-tips are your pain brush and this one takes hardly any paint at all. I made heart templates for the Army Guy valentines with a fun stencil font and lots of fun song lines.

These bookmarks were really fun! I went to Home Depot and asked the paint department if I could have some paint cards. She was so surprised I actually asked and offered me a box to take them home in. I cut them in half and then used one of the cards curved sides as a stencil for cutting curve into the two straight corners.. (My corner rounder was too curvy.)
Anyway, all in all it was a blast! I encourage you to have a Pinterest party of your own and share what you do!

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