Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's Your Deal

When it comes to laundry? Growing up, my parents each did their own laundry because...well... My mom didn't do laundry the way my dad preferred. As kids, we were doing our own laundry by the age of 5. It was each man for himself. In Luke's family, as far as he remembers, his mom did all the laundry. Luke had a sweet deal that he could negotiate more Sports watching on TV as long as he was folding laundry.

Which leads us to sorting out our new laundry system. I like to have clean laundry. I don't mind sorting, washing, changing over or drying. I weirdly like to fold sheets and towels. I tolerate folding clothes but I hate ironing clothes. It takes forever and they never seem perfect. I've even gotten a lesson from Mrs. C (someone who has mastered the skill like a ninja) and it still just gets my goat.

Additionally, Luke has taken to wearing a button up shirt every day to act his job. Which means more ironing. If I don't iron then he wears a sweater or vest over to cover up the wrinkles. More laundry.
When I married Luke, the dude wore polos every day. Polos made of nice athletic material that in wrinkles as it air dries.
Do I negotiate for a return of the polos? Do I wash all and tell him I he wants to wear a button up he should iron it? He has enough clothes that if I boycott washing his clothes they'll get stinky in the basket, fester and contaminated everything else so that option is out. Thoughts? What's YOUR laundry system? Has it changed since "the beginning?" How has it evolved?! Even if you don't comment you should email or message me, I'd really like to know!

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The Luedtke Family said...

We have had several laundry evolutions in our marriage. Currently, I turn around the loads most often. I fold my clothes and often times the honey's clothes. The kids are now folding their own and the socks. I no longer fold socks! Sometimes the adult socks, but not the kiddos'! And she is not yet 5!

I iron as needed. I can iron, hang in the closet, then when desiring to wear it for the day, wrinkles have appeared. It takes 5 minutes, no biggie. I once ironed for the honey, and it did not pass standards. Since then, he irons for himself.

My philosophy, iron when needed. And iron for yourself. Works great.

Other option, budget in laundry service only for button downs. Door to door service may be handy.

Tanya said...

Have you considered a steamer? I know that for me, steaming is so much more satisfying (and a bit more forgiving) than ironing. It's also helpful if you don't dry the cotton shirts (button downs) all the way. Give them a quick spin in the dryer to steam the wrinkles out initially and then hang dry them the rest of the way. Although, I really like the idea of The Luedtke Family about budgeting for laundry service for the troublesome pieces. Doug's dad used to have all his work clothes sent out since they had to be pressed so specifically and Carol didn't have time or energy to do them.

Candace said...

You are too funny! I hate laundry.... it just never ends!! I was super lucky when we first got married i would do the washing and Mike would iron our clothes as we needed - he really didn't mind at all! Precious boy!
Now we are even luckier and have someone once a week that comes to help with the cleaning -we wash two night a week and she irons everything on a Thursday and that lasts us through to the next week!

Auntie Kris said...

Just stumbled onto your blog from Grandma G's blog and am reading backwards.
I also hate ironing, and my husband wears a button down shirt nearly every day. My strategy is 2 fold. (pun) First, my dryer has a signal when the clothes are dry, so I try to listen for the signal and remove all clothes before they cool off and wrinkle. I hang them immediately, then fold the rest of the load as I pull them out of the dryer. The second strategy is to purchase wrinkle-free or wrinkle resistant shirts when he needs new ones. Start by purchasing a couple- more if they are on sale. I rarely have to iron an entire shirt. Occassionally, I'll need to do a collar, or the front near the buttons, but that's about it.

good luck,