Tuesday, February 5, 2013

H 2 the O

Tonight we're talking water.
Remember this:

I showed a local friend this picture and she said no way should our water look like that. Rather ironically, on my way back from my walk today there was a city truck parked out by the corner fire hydrant and the water was running. I've seen people use that hydrant for many things and easy too concerned.

Then there was a knock at the door and a public works service man was at our door wanting to know if I had notice a brown tint to our water. I said "I've got a picture!"
He had quite the laugh and explained to me that because we live in an older neighbor hood and at the end of a pipeline it was fairly common and that all we need to do is call the city and weather pending they will come flush our lines. Seriously?! That easy? Even the water softener man told me we would have brown ish water. Even my handy dandy father in law said some brown is normal with iron in the pipes.
So then for reader benefit I went out and took some pictures so you could see what was getting flushed.

Here you can see the clearer water vs the "brown water."

I feel duped and enlightened all at the same time and maybe it's the placebo effect, but I'm pretty sure our water tastes better all ready!

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Tanya said...

Eeeew! (and on a brighter note...I'm pretty sure you won't become anemic!)