Monday, February 25, 2013


Isn't that a funny name? That's what these are called. Or at least what the pattern calls them! (Find the pattern here on Ravelry.) I developed duffer envy when my friend M brought a pair to Stitch in One (our fiber group.) They're so dense and cozy. Because they're felted, they don't really have any funky spots for bulk or discomfort either. So as soon as we procured the pattern, we got to work. (M has the fever too!)

I made my first pair. I seamed them up, and suspiciously they fit perfectly before being felted! Ugh! 

Just to see how things went, I felted them anyway. They got to be so cute and tiny! 

But they sure weren't going to fit on my feet.

So I tried again. I made the largest size the pattern gives "numbers" for. I was so anxious to have them on my feet that I completely forgot to take a picture before felting them!  

Here they are with the mini's. 

And on my cutting mat for some size gauging. One square= 1 sq inch.
The tiny ones went to my dear friend Charlotte W. I thought that they couldn't get cuter but she sure is icing on the cake!

Mine are on my feet. Under a quilt. With funky white socks. They're not being photographed. But they're fabulous. The best thing about them for me, is that I have particularly sweaty feet. Sometimes if I wear slippers or socks my feet can get COLDER because the slippers or socks hold onto or trap the moisture which then conducts the heat away from my feet. Wool will keep a body warm EVEN WHEN WET!!! That's why wool mittens are the bee's knees.

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Tanya said...

Sorry your first pair didn't fit you, but what a happy accident that they fit Charlotte so well! Isn't Duffers a fabulous pattern? I made some for Grandma Darlene to wear during her cold Idaho winters since she has hard floors and they get cold. Now I think I need some for me!