Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Hands. Happy Heart.

I've been on a felt kick lately. I was digging around in my mom's sewing tool box for pinking shears and found this goody!

It's a pinking rotary cutter. AWESOME! So I haaaaad to make hand warmers.

I still got to use my grandmas pinking shears.

I'm telling you. They set me up for life. And these are good tools!

Here they are! 4 heart hand warmers and one "Love Bug". They're stuffed with rice and when microwaved for 30 seconds they hold enough heat to keep my hands warm well through recess.
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The Luedtke Family said...

I just made 25 felt heart bookmarks for Simon's class treat bags. Soooo cute and simple. I made red hearts with white stitching and white hearts with red stitching. Stitching was only done around the edges. Due to mass production, no fancy-iness in the middle. I am inserting a paper bookmark with a poem about reading; and a pic and explanation of how to use the felt bookmark. I can forward my creation to you via email if you want to replicate.

Here's the link.

I so love pinking shears. May need to look at the rotary tool. I recently found a rotary disc that will make blanket edging holes. To crochet edges around fleece, etc. Except, I don't have it yet!

Here is that link: