Thursday, February 28, 2013


Heirlooms. I think of quilts, furniture, jewelry, and now produce.
Around November or December (maybe January) I saw that my friend Kara had posted on Facebook about browsing her Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company Catalog. I googled it. Then requested my own catalog. It's seriously a beautiful catalog folks with some interesting tidbits. Well one thing led to another and I've ordered some seeds. And a book. Now I confess, I'm not totally thrilled with their customer service at the moment and I deliberated sharing this with you as a result. HOWEVER
I read the book cover to cover in one night. It was so interesting! The founder of this company started gardening at age three. I learned science (seed saving, soil fertilizing, cool stuff.) I learned more about some interesting current noteworthy topics (Monsanto and GMO crops.) I also got some more context and history about certain plants! The book notes early references of certain plants and produce in the bible, Thomas Jefferson's Garden, and Egypt. There are also funny stories about produce and how they were perceived during different eras. (My favorite is a tomato story with multiple written accounts.) Whether or not I have a successful harvest is still to tell. However, I already consider this venture successful in how much I've learned. I think I could read this book several more times and be just as engrossed. (Which is why I cant let anyone borrow it yet. I'm reading it again...slowly this time.)

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