Monday, February 18, 2013

Because Italian is Always Romantic

About two weeks ago, Luke mentioned to me that he'd like us to cook something together. I was a bit surprised but I sure wasn't going to turn down a cooking buddy! I went out and got the ingredients to make lasagna roll-ups and stuffed shells. It was really fun! Because there were two of us it was pretty easy and quick to make enough extra to put in the freezer for later meals, and have dinner that night! 

Here are our stuffed shells.

We put about six in containers and froze them to heat up for a light dinner or lunch.

 And there anything more handsome than this beautiful man in the kitchen?

Luke is holding the lasagna rolls. They make for nice easy portioning, but they were a little tricky to eat. Maybe if I had put more egg in the filling to help it set up nice and sturdy.
We finished up the night watching Timothy Green.
This little date night has stayed with us as we have enjoyed the deliciousness in later nights too! We're pretty proud of ourselves!

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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! I enjoy your blog and your creativity!! And yes he is a cutie!!