Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ski Shasta!

Yesterday, Tuesday, Luke, Mark, Jay and I headed to Mt. Shasta Ski Park to ski! The weather and scenery were beautiful! Apparently everyone else thought so too, because it was pretty crowded!
Once I got through the "emotional trauma" of going down the first run, I went down a couple times again, but with more confidence.

Happy skiiers at the end of the day! I got to wear the hat I made, and I had to record the boys wearing the hats their mom got them when they were younger so she could find them more easily. Granted now they wear helmets, but since Luke forgot his and was going on some easier runs with me, he wore Marks, blue and purple "dreads" hat. Its true the hat really does make him easier to spot! Anyway, more on the hats later. There's gonna be a specific blog for the hats!

At the end of the ski day we headed home. When we looked back we saw:

This beautiful sunset glowing over the mountain!

(And my mom's Mickey Mouse ball, but hey, haha)


Susan said...

That's my sun roof you took that photo through!!!! Looks beatiful....Drive carefully!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, Did you knit your hat? It was fun seeing the ski pictures! We pray for you happy new year! Jamie's mom, Janice