Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Contagious

Blogging that is. I recently updated my blog link list and figure I should at least introduce you to the most recent additions:
My View From Lakeview is my mother's blog. Here she gives insight to her experiences at Lakeview Cottages she plans to blog things like tips and tricks for staying at the cabins, as well as things she likes to do while at the cottages, and how she thinks of them while at home. She was previously linked as Thoughts From Around the Campfire, but changed the URL and it took a while to update the link on my blog.

D.A.N.I. is one of my dear childhood and adult friends! In fact, we just had dinner tonight! Olive Garden! Yum! She is an amazingly talented soccer player, and she is also amazingly talented at tolerating our ofter loud and sometimes obnoxious behavior. For those of you who have heard about "the Bugs," Dani is the Firefly, or lightning bug!

Neola's News is Luke's mom. In case I don't refer to him enough or tell you more than you want to know, Luke is my boyfriend. I met him in Idaho. I met Neola when Luke invited me to his home last school year for Thanksgiving! She is one of the most warm and friendly people you'll ever meet! She also taught me the best way to core and peel a pear! Yum! I helped her get her blog started so that she can keep her family and friends updated as the embark on a move from Phoenix, Oregon (20 minutes north of the California/Oregon border between Medford and Ashland) to Grand Junction, Colorado (3 hours West of Denver)!


Anonymous said...

just one quick question why is there a period after every letter in Dani's name?

JHRME said...

Because that's her blog title? I guess Im not sure what it means.

Dani said...

I don't just tolerate the noise, I enjoy it as well :)