Friday, January 30, 2009

I just shrugged.

Well, technically, I knit a shrug, but technicality can be sacrificed when coming up with a blog title right?
Sooo anyway, my birthday/Christmas/birthday project for Val was inspired by two things. The first was that I wanted to do some sort of jewel toned top for myself, my sister and my mother. My deep purple sweater is done, Valerie's emerald-ish aquamarine-ish shrug is now done and my mothers Fuchsia cowell wrap is on the way! The inspiration for Valerie's colors came from her shoes. I remembered that she had a pair of lime green shoes and a teal/aqua color. While the color match didn't quite get perfect, I think when worn together they work quite well!

The Shoes!

The shrug from the front! (Duh, I know but whats a picture without a caption?)

I found the pattern in a fabulous book called Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel. I like her sweaters because they arent frumpy feeling and super baggy, though if you choose to do any of her patterns be sure to double check her website for pattern ammendments. I made this shrug out of Lanaloft Worsted Weight 100% Wool yarn. The aqua color is called Turquoise Magic (LL92W) and the green is called Scottish Hillside (LL72W). This yarn was a dream to work with! Ask anyone who was around me when I was knitting with it. I kept saying "I love this yarn!" If you're interested in ordering yarn you could call Lynda (click here for contact info) regarding ordering etc. I used size 9 circular needles on the whole thing. (Didn't bother with the smaller size for the ribbing. The shoulders fit perfectly when it was completed, but the arms were a bit big. That wasnt a problem since I saved sewing them up for last and took them in quite a bit!

The back view. Yay!


live a colorful life said...

It is even better when seen in person. And it looks GREAT on Valerie!

Lisa said...

You are amazing!

Katie said...

very cute.

Barman said...
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