Monday, January 26, 2009

Pondering Production

Another excerpt from: Never Not Knitting! Page-A-Day Calendar, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee also known as Yarn Harlot.

"If you knit in public, then all sorts of people will come up to you and ask you questions about what you're doing. Sometimes this is a good opportunity to spread the word of knit, and I have been known to carry extra yarn and needles just so I can seize the moment and teach a stranger how to do it. Other times, especially if someone approaches me while I'm counting or working on lace, I really wish they would stay away. This is even more the case if the person asks what seem to be very stupid questions. That's when some days when someone comes up to me and says, 'Wow! That's so cool. Are you knitting?' I have been known to simply say, 'No.'"

Now I can't remember a time when I have wished people would stay away. People come up to talk all the time when Tanya, Kim and I are knitting in Starbucks. I even tend to keep crochet hooks and knitting needles on hand to teach any interested learner (though I did tell C.J., one of the cutest four year olds you'll ever meet, that he will have to wait until he is 5 or 6). I can even appreciate people at least asking if I'm knitting because I have been a crochet-er accused of knitting most of my life.

I just couldn't help but chuckle imagining an enthusiastic bystander walking up to someone knitting and getting a point blank "no." Do you think a person would be shocked if I did that?

Then I thought again, why would I want to do that? What a great way to make friends! Or at least meet kindred spirits! (Aren't familiar with the term kindred spirits? See here.)


Anonymous said...

I love you! I enjoy golf, but i don't think i would just be taking a golf club and walking around in public, then when people ask me about it i offer to teach them how to play.... I will make more fun of your old woman tendancies.
I don't think i have to put my name at the bottom of this comment.

live a colorful life said...

Jessie, I don't think you have old woman tendencies at all. I think you are VERY au courant (wow, did I really just type that??). Keep those needles handy--there's a lot to be said for kindred spirits!
And P.S. to anonymous--admit it. Secretly you love it that she is taking knitting needles practically everywhere she goes, right?

Maggie said...

Dear Anonymous,
Can you see how much friendlier knitters are than golfers??

Jessie - you definitely have young vibes with your knitting.