Thursday, January 1, 2009

On Twilight

Yes. I know, you're probably all groaning and rolling your eyes. You've all heard the tween girls gushing about the book, movie and "hunky" actors. When people told me about this book they were reading the involved vampires and werewolves and that I "just have to read it" I rolled my eyes too. I thought "that's just not my style." Then, I got bit by the bug. I borrowed my friend Cindy's audio version of the book. I was about to be heading to Oregon, the movie was about to be coming out, and I thought that if I was going to bash the book I better have at least tried the first book. (Kind of like not being able to say you don't like a food until you take a bite.)
Anyway I took a bite and immediately became a fan.

I knew it was good and that I enjoyed it, but since I had told myself I wouldn't blog until finals were over, I figured I would have to hold off on the Twilight books until finals were over too. Then, my mom said it would be okay if I download the second book through her Audible account. Oooh that was trouble. One click and I would have the second book, New Moon, on my iPod. Yikes! I was good. I didn't listen to it for a whole night. But I took my iPod to listen before the CBEST test started(which I passed by the way.) Then I decided I could just listen to it on my way home. THEN I decided I could just listen to it for a little bit when I got home. Next thing I knew it was 10:30 at night and I had to know how it ended or I just wouldn't sleep. Had I simply read the book I would have gotten through faster. Normally when I listen to books I knit and get things done while listening. Not this one. It sucked me in, I listened and lay on the couch, or on my bed. Ugh.

Then I said okay, now I'm really done until finals, I haven't blogged, I can stay away from Twilight. A few days later when I had stopped at Sam's Club for some shampoo, I saw a display of Eclipse books, just beconing me from their stand. I bought it. And finished it within 24 hours. And it was good. Lets just say, I finished reading Breaking Dawn in the 24 hours that followed. Once I was done I finished studying, and finished my semester successfully. What bewildered me was why I was so interested in these books. There are parts that are so cheesy, and disgustingly romantic, and over descriptive, yet I felt so attached! I loved them anyway! Out of curiosity I spent some time exploring the Official Website of Stephenie Meyer, the author. I learned that she was an English major and that a few of her favorite authors/biggest influences are Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott. Hmmm, all authors of my favorite books! No wonder! Stephenie Meyer also makes enough references to core literature to fuel a high school English class for a couple years! Sigh. Its like all my favorite authors all rolled into one! I also particularly enjoy all her colorful words that create such vivid imagery!

AND aren't her book covers attractive!? The black with read is so dramatic! Luke puts golf posters framed on his wall, I'm pretty close to putting posters of the covers on mine!
Last but not least, I got books one and two for Christmas! Sooo if you're willing to read them (in a timely manner) you're welcome to borrow them, and then we can chat about them together! Tanya, Kim, and I enjoyed conversing at our knitting nights. Maybe you'll learn to knit too!


Jamie said...

Thanks for all your recent posts! I loved catching up on all you're up to (and chatting with/seeing you and Luke at Starbucks before Christmas)! Congrats on passing the CBEST!!! And I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. See you soon! Love, Jamie.

Tracy said...

Oooh, are you opening a Twilight library for your friends? There are 489 book requests right now at the Fresno Library for the first book.

Ben and Alli said...

Ok, so I was in the same boat as you...I refused to jump on the tween bandwagon and read them, but I kept hearing more about the books and then Ben got it for me for Christmas. Ohmygoodness, I am so hooked! I agree, though, that I am completely mystified as to why I like these books. They are so cheesy and the main character is kind of pathetic. I guess Stephanie Meyer just knows how to suck you in to her story and her 'unearthly beautiful' characters! I'll have to pick up the next one and continue this silly obsession. Alli

Dani said...

I read these books over the summer and loved them too! I'm glad you got hooked, we'll have to talk about the books sometime, but it probably won't be while you're teaching me to knit :)

Lisa said...

Yup, me too! I read them all, enjoyed them all and went to see the movie.

My friend is a junior high English teacher and she uses them in her class.