Friday, January 16, 2009

Pondering Production

This Christmas my very dear friends Mark and Cindy gave me a calendar, Never Not Knitting! Page-A-Day Calendar, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee also known as Yarn Harlot. While I am disappointed that they let the calendar get through publication without changing the name to Never KNOT Knitting, I have found many of the daily thoughts to be especially interesting.

I even have some things to say about them, soooooo it is likely you will see more posts called "Pondering Production." These posts will not be only about witty things regarding knitting but likely also be about crochet, quilting and other forms of creating. I call this chain Pondering Production, because most of these ideas apply to more than just knitting. They apply to the process of producing a lovingly hand made product.


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes:

It is remarkable that no matter how many months or years you've been knitting or how many things you accomplish as a knitter, the thrill of a finished piece will likely never leave you. You can make a thousand sweaters and still the end of each one will be profoundly marked by genuine pride and the childish (but appropriate thought, "Look! I made it myself!"

I think that this is true for every kind of creating or producing! When I finish a quilt block I run around the house to show everyone there, and then I take it with me places to show people. I even blog so that I can tell the world, or at least everyone with access to the Internet to "Look! I made it myself!" Sure, no one even has to look, but the pride and excitement are still there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to go finish a project!


Tanya said...

I totally feel this same way!

live a colorful life said...

This post has caused me to ponder my personal response when I finish something, that is, I basically jump up and down for joy internally, when I really would like to run around showing everybody what I made, but I don't. I expect you will see the results of all this pondering--on my blog.

Katie said...

I just found you again via Cindy's blog post...I love this little creative reflection journey you are embarking on. I too can't stop showing anyone and everyone everything I've made. I feel a sense of accomplishment like no other. I'll be stopping in more frequently to check in on you and your creations :)