Monday, January 12, 2009

Romantic-The Way that Anne (of Green Gables) Says It

So I was just strolling thought blogs, browsing my little heart out, and I came across the picture below (at this blog). I saw it and my heart just thought, "that would be the most perfect-est yarn shop ever."

Then I thought, wouldn't be more perfect if I was the little shop keeper and my little cottage was a just a brisk walk away. Then I googled images of cottages and this one was "the one"!
Aren't day dreams fun!
Then I kept reading the blog article and found out it was a cheese shop. Delicous but somehow not as romantic!
Ps. I just ate a peanut M&M that didn't have a peanut. Wierd.


Janice Porter said...

Jessica, You make me laugh! And as you probably know, laughing is good therapy! Keep it up! Janice

Susan said...

I want the second cottage. Would all that green thrive in Fresno? I guess I'll have to settle for a little wooden cottage near Huntington Lake!