Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Hats!

As I previously mentioned in the blog about our ski adventure at Shasta, I love these hats Luke and his brothers have.
Luke's mom got thes hats so she could find Luke, Jay and Mark when they were on the slopes. The big introduction of helmet usage for riskier skiiers makes wearing the hats a little trikier but Luke wore Mark's when he was skiing with me on the easier slopes, and I got to take a picture of them now in their hats.
The picture above is my favorite picture of them as little boys! They're eyes are twinkling, they're all smiling and they have rosy cheeks!

Luke has challanged me to see if I can knit or crochet another version. Hmmm maybe something that can go over their helmets!


Anonymous said...

jay, actually is crying in this picture. He was not happy about the picture being taken because he is cold, or just fell in the snow.... haha, he pulled off the fake smile very well tho!

Neola said...

They are sooo cute!