Thursday, March 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday-My Famous Husband

 I've been meaning to share these articles for several reasons.
1.) There are family members who anonymously read the blog to keep up with the goings on of our household.
2.)This is really the closest I get to scrap-booking and journaling, and I intend to have my blog printed and hardbound for history's sake.
3.) Sometimes its fun to brag on that guy you're married to.
I was just having trouble finding the right day and Live a Colorful Life's "Really Random Thursday" fit the bill, so I'm linking up!

Around the time we first moved to Garden City, they interviewed him for the most local Newspaper. For those of you who get "the major" newspapers, please try to remember this is not "The Times."

Another way that he's famous is that he got snagged to be in a photo shoot at his last job at that big resort hotel in Colorado Springs! This publication with him in it came out last month!

So there you have it. My famous husband.


Live a Colorful Life said...

He's a keeper, that's for sure! Do you think he'll sign an autograph for me when I see you guys in June?

Janine said...

Congrats to your husband for being awesome and to you for finding him :)

Tanya said...

That's so fun!

Diann Little Penguin Quilts said...

My son is the editor of the newspaper in Goodland, so I know exactly what you mean about those small town papers. But there are great people in all if these small towns, and it looks like they appreciate your husband there!

JHNickodemus said...

Hah he'd probably do it willingly. Lets not stroke his ego tooooo much!

JHNickodemus said...

They do and they are. We're pretty lucky to be here with so many nice people!