Thursday, March 14, 2013

Palo Duro Canyon

While in East Texas, we took a day trip to Palo Duro Canyon!

 Aunt Maggie, Aunt Lois, and Uncle Doc!
 Me, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Lois! Three generations of Harper girls!
 Uncle Doc is a Palo Duro Canyon expert! He spends a lot of his relaxation time here.
Uncle Doc was our trail guide when we hiked from the top of the canyon down to the bottom!

It was a fantastic 1.5 mile hike and it was so nice and warm because we were just out of the wind once we were below the rim of the canyon! 
 The best part was that we didn't have to hike back up! Aunt Lois was waiting for us at the bottom of the canyon with the car reading a book!
 There are two signature Texas Longhorn cattle hanging out at the park too! Since Val went to University of Texas, Austin (Did I say that right? Luke says I never do.) I can say "Hook 'em Longhorns!"
 On our way back we stopped at Western Texas A&M to visit their reputable museum.
Wouldn't you know it they were closed. 
 So Aunt Maggie, Aunt Lois and I took a short walk around the school.

 What a fun time getting to know Texas!
Many thanks to our hosts!


Anna said...

That looks like fun! I'll admit to not knowing pretty much anything about Texas, so thanks for sharing!

JHNickodemus said...

I was in that same boat until my visit!