Thursday, March 21, 2013

Really Random Thursday- 3/21/2013

I tried a new eye doctor today. I'm not thrilled. I miss my old one. Seriously. Pass the word on to Dr. Aaron Wiens of Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington EyeCare.
 First she went to put drops in my eye without saying ANYthing. Then, they BURNED! NO warning. Then right after she goes "Oh yah, this burns." Scowl.  I know my contacts are the "old generation" so she had me try a couple "new generation" contacts. She's having me try two different styles. One in each eye. One felt funky right off the bat. She gave me a back up of the other style. After all that the contacts tech guy asked "did she put eye drops in your eye that burn?" Yeeeeeess. "Well that could last a while and affect the way they feel." Gee thanks. My eyes are not happy today. D'you think it would be weird if I head back to Fresno for an eye appointment?
It's March and every year for Luke's birthday I get him a BIG basketball tournament called March Madness. I know, that joke is going to get old soon yesterday. Anyway, the Nickodemus Fam always fills out brackets. So here's mine. I'm really not feeling that passionate about this one. Basketball fever is strong here and I maaaaay have immunity.

 I do not however have immunity to fabric fever, so I'm participating in the Fat Quarterly Modern Madness bracket. The best part of it: I discovered a whole bunch of new fabric I just need  really want.

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Deborah said...

Finding a new doctor is so difficult, especially if you love the one you had!! May be worth a trip back here!

Mindful quilter said...

I am doing the fat quarterly march madness too, being a scot I don't really understand it but just love seeing all the fabric!

Scrapatches said...

You have beautiful (burning) eyes.

Sorry to hear about the ouchies. I am having to find a new eye doctor and I really liked my old one. I know how you feel.

I wandered in from Random Thursday. I do not comprehend March Madness ... (although I have watched one of my sons fill this out every year since he was quite small) ... maybe I should try my hand at the fabric kind ... :) Pat

Live a Colorful Life said...

Yes, PLEASE come back for an appointment here. Hope your eyes are feeling better soon.

P.S. Your favorite eye doctor filled out the Modern Madness bracket (this involved a bribe of the baseball card type...). He has 2wenty Thr3e winning (because it was Michael Jordan's number) and PB&J making it to the finals(because that is what he had for lunch).

JHNickodemus said...

Isn't all that fabric dangerous!?

JHNickodemus said...

Oh do try the fabric kind. It's much more fun than the basketball kind! (I fill out the basketball one for the inlaws but its kind of a joke!

JHNickodemus said...

Hah! His methods sound like ours with basketball! Sounds like you got quite a bit of entertainment from that baseball bribe!