Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family Quilts

I spied this great quilt chest at the foot of Aunt Lois and Uncle Doc's bed. 
 Not only is the chest great, but so are the quilts inside! Quilting is a process, and when the quilts are done, they become a part of our lives. Through all of this the quilts gather stories that go with them giving them treasured places in our hearts. While visiting Aunt Lois and Uncle Doc we had a great opportunity to hear the stories of some of the quilts in this chest.
My Great Great Grandmother Ada Stokes Wilkinson Harper worked on this quilt when she was pregnant with my Great Grandfather James Herman Harper who was born in 1903.
 Just look at all those half square triangles and every seam is hand quilted on the quarter inch!
This one was also put together by Great Great Grandmother Ada Stokes Wilkinson Harper.
Some of these fabrics are familiar to me in some of the reproduction prints you see in fabric stores now!

This next quilt was given to Aunt Lois by family friend Sally Lindley as a memento of  her daughter Irene.

It was a great evening of quilt viewing and story sharing!

I had a great time being the lady behind the camera recording this fun time!


Maggie said...

These hand cut, hand pieced and hand quilted vintage lovelies made my heart go pitter patter. They arre works of art and living history.

Katie said...

I love this post! I LOVE the fact that quilts become a part of a family's history and story. Awesome!