Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WiP Wednesday- Playing Catch Up

I just got back from Texas yesterday and today I had a lot of works in progress!
Starting with a big fight with our wireless internet router and then the customer service woman. I know it's not her fault but gosh I think it stinks when you have to purchase an extended warranty on something you already bought just to make it work! It's working now, no thanks to LinkSys or Cisco.
Today began round one of seed planting. I'm using lots of variables for starting my seeds so that MAYBE one of them will work! The one I tried today was a seed starting kit.
Each cell came with this condensed "dirt" and I added water to them and they puffed up! Pretty cool! And not too messy. The only issue I came across was when some of the dirt pods turned sideways when I poured the water in and then expanded and got stuck. (Don't let your kids and husbands flush these down the drains folks they didn't budge!)
I made a 72 square grid on the computer with colored dots that correlated with the dots I put on the plastic planting containers and then wrote which seeds I put in which cell!
 Then I made some granola! Luke LOVES to eat granola with Greek Yogurt every morning. I can be in the bedroom and hear him crunching away while he watches ESPN. Normally, I buy granola from Costco in giant bags but we have no Costco and I don't know when I'll get there next. I considered buying it from the regular grocery store but they just don't carry cost effective Luke size bags.
 Luke doesn't care for all the expensive nuts so its not too pricey to make myself. Plus, I still have giant bags of oats from my last Costco trip!
 I worked a little on machine quilting this quilt! I got a new walking foot at the Dallas quilt show, so I'm back in business!
 I made 9 more freezer breakfast burritos for Luke as he completely depleted my stash while I was gone!
Lastly, I worked a couple more rows of my latest knitting project! It's a Magrathea scarf for ME! I'm already in love with it. As my family in Texas saw, after every row I hold it up and admire it for a bit.
Whew! I cant believe I got all that done today plus a little more! I think I'll put my feet up and do a little blog reading.

I'm linking up to WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced!

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