Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday-Mariners Compass

 One of our projects while in Olton, before we go to Dallas, is to finish Valerie and Matt's (my sister and brother in law) wedding quilt! This has been one grand group effort! Last fall there was a whole group of us at Quilt Camp working on it! (Including the happy couple!)
 After quilt camp we still had some things left to do, and I hadn't done them yet sooo I brought the quilt to Texas and Aunt Maggie and I are finishing them up! Here Aunt Maggie is doing one of the mitered corner seams on my cute little featherweight!
We've got two of the final border strips on so far. Only two left to go!
By the time a quilt is THIS BIG even a little border is a big task!
The blocks are paper pieced in the Mariner's Compass pattern! My mom started this quilt many years ago and had 5 of the 12 blocks completed before she passed away. 
Now for the final two border strips, to pick out a back and find a machine quilter!!!
I'm not even going to attempt to free motion this bad boy!


audrey said...

This quilt is incredible! The blocks are fab, and I love the border with it. Nice!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Wow!!! This is one gorgeous about making me one when you I love blue and white in anything. Lovely