Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits-

This happened in our garage...

Turning into this!!! My handy hubby!

I cleaned our vacuum brush out finally. This is turning into an annual chore.

No, we don't have a pet...just a knitter/crocheter/quilter.

Garden City doesn't have recycling pick up so I collect it all in our garage and then when stuff starts spilling on to the floor, I finally get my act together and haul it to the drop off.

These buttons are going on my sweater. They were only 79 cents! (When my grandma bought them.)
Right now I'm in:

I'm in a small town between Amarillo and Lubbock. Yesterday we went hiking:

My Aunt Maggie is here too and we're visiting my Great Aunt Lois and Uncle Van (my dad and Aunt Maggie's paternal Aunt and Uncle.) Part of yesterday was spent looking at pictures.

Someday I'd love to get my hair done all vintage and take a picture like that!
Also, These Shoes!!!!

I want them!

My newest knitting project matches Aunt Lois's kitchen canisters. Those colors are right up my alley!
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